Monday, December 3, 2007

ice bound

Hi friends and family!

Thanks for checking out my blog. I think this is the best way to stay in contact with everyone while I'm in Antarctica. I plan to post some stories and pictures about once a week or so. I'll try and make it fun and interesting so check back often! And also be sure and leave me lots of messages/comments. I'll be missing you all.



Kutt22 said...

Hey mitch,
Have a great time in Antartica. That's one hell of a par Five.

Anyway, looks like you're ffb team will be the only ones colder than you. Seriously though, if you need help with rosters or anything else, let me know.


kfourcat said...

Mitch!!! You need to post some photos. Watch out for polar bears.

gaylikeme said...

Field of Marshes,
Hope you meet the polar bear of your dreams while you're away. I know you like them hairy so it should work out for you!!

Sorry about PBR FFB. I figured out your password and am sitting all your starters. Better luck next year.

gaylikeme said...

The pictures are awesome!! keep us posted on what is going on. Sorry about the loss in PBR FFB this week. Can't wait to see what else you are up to.


Magdalena said...

its good to see I have got you stalking the roses that I like. I really hope you don't encounter polar bears because that means that they would have been ice rafted down from the other pole and global ocean circulation is about to kill us all.

gaylikeme said...


Hope you are having a good time. Looks incredible. I'm counting the days til I see you again. Pictures look great. Keep us updated


Michelle said...

Hey Mitch! Have a great time in Antartica. It looks amazing! Ryan says hello. Have a great Christmas and New Years freezing your ass off!

Michelle said...

Hey Mitch! Is this your group? If so, you made the news here in STL!