Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know about the website. Kelly has been posting videos, pictures, and stories live from the ice. There's even a podcast you can download featuring yours truly. The website also contains maps and more information about our project including a 'Cool for Schools' section. We also have a facebook group with pictures, discussion, and links to blogs. Feel free to post questions and comments there as well.

Check it out!

You can find my podcast and other videos here:

And for Miss Howell's class:

Q: Are the ice formations stalactites?

A: I believe the ice formations can be called stalactites (they hang tight from the ceiling). Some people may also call them icicles (like the ones on your gutter at home in the winter). However, the formations in the ice cave are protected from the elements allowing the ice crystal structure to grow to produce the magnificent shapes and textures you see in the pictures.

Q: Do people eat penguins?

A: People no longer eat penguins in the Antarctic (nor, I hear from diaries of the early explorers, would you want to!) Their eggs, however, are quite tasty...just kidding! Penguins and penguin eggs are protected by the Antarctic wildlife treaty which says all wildlife in the Antarctic should be left undisturbed such that the animals do not react to your presence.

Q: What do you do with your data?

A: The data we collect for this project will be used to study the rocks buried beneath the ice sheets. Seismology allows us to study the properties of the rocks without actually possessing a sample we can examine or bring back to the lab. The data will also be used to monitor ice sheet movements to determine if the ice sheets are disappearing and how fast they are disappearing.

And yes, feel free to share this blog with everyone!

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Miss Howell's Class said...

Hi Mitchell,
We are able to read the blog now. We are going on Christmas Break today. What are you going to do for Christmas in Antarctica?

Chris would like to know how you keep warm in an igloo? Or the domes you sometimes sleep in?

Sheyanne asks
Is there ice fishing or is the ice too deep?

What wildlife (other than penguins) do you see?

Audrey asks
When are you coming home, and can you visit our class?

Blake would like to know how deep the snow is? How far do you have to dig before you get to solid ground?

We hope you have a great holiday!