Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ice cave

Hello everyone,

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Justin, the big spool on the C-17 is cabling for one of the big science projects down here known as the Ice Cube Neutrino Observatory. The Ice Cube project will search for collisions between neutrinos and atoms within the ice. These observations will contribute to our understanding of cosmic rays, supersymmetry, weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPS), and other aspects of nuclear and particle physics that I know nothing about. And Nancy, no I don't really know any of the folks working on the Ice Cube project. They are all based at the South Pole station and I'm working out of McMurdo (roughly 900 miles away). But I do know some other folks from UW-Madison here. My bunkmate last year was a technician from UW-Madison that operated hot water drills for drilling into the ice.

On to the pictures.

A few nights ago I had the oppurtunity to take a delta trip out to Cape Evans. A delta is a big wheeled vehicle used for transportation on the ice (not a mass spectrometer). There's a picture of one below.

Along the way we stopped at the tongue of the Erebus glacier where it flows out onto the frozen sea ice and explored a small ice cave.

After we left the cave, we walked over and checked out some bergs that got trapped in the frozen sea ice.

Part 2 of the delta trip coming soon!


Mom said...

These photos are beautiful! I saved one and am using it as my desktop. Did you take the pictures with your new digital camera? How cold was it when you visited this site? I hope your room is getting warmer-a frozen toothbrush is the morning is pretty extreme! Be safe!
Love, Mom

Nancy said...

Mitchell, Hi, I guess I am not as facile as I thought with these blogs. I sent a comment on these ice cave pictures agreeing with your mom on how fantastic they are but posted it under the previous set--please refer to that. I will get this down yet! Love, Aunt Nancy

Sandra said...

WOW! A couple of these remind me of diving and looking up to the surface. What a huge difference between two days--going from tropical flowers to ice caves. Seriously, you should consider a career as a professional photographer (?).


April said...

This is amazing Mitchell! Awesome pictures...I'm glad we can keep up w/you on the trip! I really like the Ice Cave pics...I'm sure it doesn't do it justice compared to actually being in it! Hope you're staying warm. :)