Thursday, January 3, 2008

disc golf

Yes, there is a disc golf course in Antarctica! We have been delayed for about two weeks now getting in the field so this is how I've been killing some time. We are finally scheduled to fly tomorrow so hopefully the weather holds and we can get some work done.

Hole #6 - I would call this the signature hole of the course. On a clear day there is a magnificent view of Mactown and across the Ross Sea to the Transantarctic Mts. Unfortunately the day we brought a camera with us it was cloudy. It's a nine hole course, but we frequently make up our own holes to extend it a little. Or sometimes we'll play the course forwards and then backwards to make it 18. For the final hole, you have to hit the side of Gallaghers (the beer bar) with your disc. Then we go inside and whoever takes the most strokes to do it buys a round.

Me throwing some discs. Check out that form!

My friends Russ (top two photos) and Lou (lower photo).

It's pretty easy to lose your disc amidst all the debris. One day mine ended up in this little compartent of a tractor. It took us 45 mins to find it!

Ah, the greenhouse. They grow lettuce, tomatoes, herbs, and other stuff here for use in the cafeteria. We usually stop here during a round and drink a beer. The mirrors on the wall make for some good photos. No photoshop!


kfourcat said...

Only you would find a way to play disc golf in Antarctica!

Aaron said...

Can you post some new pictures of DC3 that crashed? I heard they were repairing it. THanks.

Miss Howell's Class said...

Hi Mitchell, I have been sharing some of your blog with my class. They have some questions for you:

Courtney asks "What was the red stuff in the snow, under the plane in the photo right before the crash pictures?"

Gaby asks, "What inspired you to do the work that you do?"

Erik asks, "What was scarier: sledding down the mountain, climbing up the mountain or the plane crash?"

Hannah asks, "When you stayed in the clam shells, were they already there or did you have to put it together?"

Miss Howell asks, "Where were the restrooms when you were living in the clam shells?"

We enjoy looking at your pictures. The class wants you to go to and play Set. Their record time is 1:01.

Bye for now!
Mom's friend Amy (MFA)

Anonymous said...

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